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Duct Sealing in Glen Burnie, MD

Metal tape, caulk and duct mastic all can be part of the work scope when air sealing a duct system.However AeroSealing Technology(Duct Sealing From The Inside) must be part of the work scope to make sure that all the areas you cant reach and see are air tight!! prep work shown in pictures

Effective Air Barrier , Abingdon Md.

A pressure boundary and thermal boundary must be together and continuous. If boundaries are misaligned or there are holes, voids, gaps the home will be difficult to heat & cool as shown in the before picture. Once dense packing was preformed through the soffit vent an ideal thermal boundary and effective air barrier was achieved making this Abingdon home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Mold Remediation, Aberdeen Md.

Mold-X-Neutralizer is an effective treatment to neutralize(kill)mold so it stops producing spores. in this application a fogger was used to reach all the nooks and crannies where mold may grow.The before and after pictures on this Aberdeen home shows how effective the Dr Energy exclusive Mold-X-Neutralizer works!!

Everlast Crawl Space Door , Whiteford Md.

Most dirt crawl spaces are vented to get moisture out. The problem is that the vents let warm humid air in as shown in the before picture in the summer. This adds moisture to the crawl space and makes the house more difficult to air condition as all this moisture needs to be wrung out of the air. The solution is to install CleanSpace Encapsulation System, part of that work scope is sealing your vents which is shown in the after picture using the EverLast Crawl Space Door. This will save you energy cost, make your house more comfortable and healthy as it did for this client in Whiteford, MD 

Proper Baffle Insulation in Havre de Grace, MD

This Havre de Grace homeowner was experiencing uncomfortable conditions in his home year round.  After performing a Home Energy Audit, we uncovered that the baffles in the attic were not installed properly.  This might seem like a minor adjustment, but made a huge impact on the homeowners efficiency and comfort. 

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