Do You Know What's Lurking in Your Ductwork?

Thursday, September 6th, 2018 by Paul Gassett

Do You Know What\'s Lurking in Your Ductwork? - Image 1

Throughout spring and summer in Harford County, your HVAC system may have pulled in a lot of tiny pollutants into your ducts as the air conditioner ran. Since dust, mold, pet dander and other allergens get circulated through the air every time the AC or furnace runs, it can really aggravate any family member who suffers from allergies or asthma. You can improve your indoor air quality so they can breathe better by having your ducts cleaned. 

How Our Duct Cleaning Service Works

Our trained technicians will perform a full inspection of your ductwork and look for signs of excess dust and dander, pollutants, mold growth, and insects. We then remove all registers and use a Tora Vac Source Removal to clean supply and return ductwork. We even install odor neutralizer in all ductwork to get rid of any musty smells. You can then rest easy knowing the air being blown through your home is clean and that your energy bills could even decrease as a result of a more efficient system. 

Reasons to Consider Duct Cleaning Services 

Besides the possibility of debris in your ductwork, you should think about having your ducts inspected if you have had recent renovations or water damage to the home, or if you have shedding pets or smokers in your household. 

Another Advantage to Having Ducts Inspected

While we're examining your ducts for contaminants, we will look for leaks in your ductwork that could be causing your air conditioner and furnace to run much harder than they need to. If you choose to have those leaks sealed, you can save up to 20% on energy bills this winter and in the upcoming summer! 

Call Dr. Energy Saver Green Machine for Cleaner Indoor Air!

We look forward to helping residents of Middle River, Nottingham, Abingdon, Lutherville Timonium, Edgewood, Aberdeen, and surrounding areas breathe easier this fall, winter, spring and summer. Just contact us to schedule an appointment.

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