Video: Home Comfort Pays for Itself

Thursday, September 27th, 2018 by Paul Gassett

Many homeowners are paying twice as much as they need to for energy bills, but they're turned off by the cost to fix air leaks or increase insulation levels -- even though air leaks and insufficient insulation cause drafty rooms in winter and hot rooms in summer. But what homeowners don't consider is that fixing those problems  could pay for itself within 6 years! In this video, Dr. Energy Saver's founder Larry Janesky explains why people who choose not to use Dr. Energy Saver's services are actually losing money. 

"When you make a home more comfortable by controlling heat flow out in the winter and in in the summer, you lower the cost of home ownership by reducing the fuel and electric bills. As fuel and electric prices go up, you'll save even more!"

Janesky goes on to explain how improving energy usage in each home can do wonders for the environment. 

"If we fix these problems in your home, on average over six years you will save the full amount of money that that job cost, you'll have a more comfortable home to live in, and you will save four hundred thousand cubic feet of natural gas and prevent 26 tons of carbon dioxide going into the environment from your home."

Finally, he talks about the impact on fuel savings and the environment that are possible when homeowners make a collective effort. 

"If we could fix 50 homes in your neighborhood over 25 years, each homeowner would save 40 thousand dollars and collectively they would burn 100 million less cubic feet of natural gas. If they were heated with oil, those 50 homes would save 25,000 gallons each year or 625,000 gallons over 25 years. Over 25 years, these 50 homes would send 7,200 tons less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and if every home in the United States and Canada was fixed we would save 131 billion dollars in fuel costs."

 Watch this very informational video and then give Dr. Energy Savings Green Machine a call to schedule your energy audit!


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