5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Bel Air Home This Fall

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 by Paul Gassett

5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Bel Air Home This Fall - Image 1

Fall in Harford County is a great time to find ways to lower energy bills in your home. Take advantage of mild temperatures and try these energy-saving tips:

Let the Sun Warm Your Home

During bright fall days, open the blinds of your south- and west-facing windows to let the sunshine heat those rooms naturally. Just make sure to close them on chilly nights so your house doesn't get cold. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Before frigid Maryland temperatures set in, purchase a programmable or smart thermostat. Take some time to examine your daily routine and program your thermostat accordingly. When no one is home, set the temperature 5 degrees lower, and also set it to drop several degrees at night when you go to bed. This will save quite a bit on utiility bills when you need to start using your furnace.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

An annual maintenance check of your heating system can detect small concerns before they become major expsensive problems in the middle of winter. A knowledgeable HVAC technician will also change your filter and clean furnace components to maximize energy efficiency. 

Seal Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

Replace weatherstripping that's damaged around doors, and replace caulk around windows. This will ensure that warm air won't leak out in winter....which can cause your furnace to run nonstop. 

Hire Dr. Energy Saver to Perform an Energy Audit

You may be able to detect air leaks around doors and windows, but there are many more potential leaks that you can't see. Holes in ductwork can allow warmed air to leak out before it hits desginated rooms, while gaps around can lights and electrical outlet could also be sources for air leaks. And insufficient insulation in the attic could allow freezing air from outside to enter the home. In an energy audit, we'll look for all of these issues and provide comprehensive results showing you how much you could be saving on monthly bills with simple changes.  

Hopefully we'll enjoy weather that doesn't require air conditioning OR heat for several weeks, which will result in lower energy bills. If you're ready to have lower energy bills all winter as well, give us a call to schedule your energy audit!  


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