We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 by Paul Gassett

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We'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We hope you enjoy an extended weekend of holiday magic, complete with Christmas parties and festive activities with loved ones. 

If you're hosting a holiday party this weekend, keep these things in mind to keep energy bills as low as possible:

Seal Air Leaks

If you have time to add weatherstripping under doors and caulk around windows before guests arrive, do it. It will keep everyone more comfortable during their stay. If you don't have time to do that now, be sure to call us after the holidays to seal those air leaks.

Close the Flue

If you forget to do this after you last used the fireplace, it can let a lot of heated air escape -- and cause your furnace to work harder. 

Lower the Thermostat Before Guests Arrive

All the extra body heat will make the home heat up quickly, so to prevent everyone from getting hot, set the temperature a few degrees lower before your party starts. 

Have Guests Enter and Exit Away from the Thermostat

When your door is constantly opening and closing, a nearby thermostat will feel that cold air and adjust accordingly. Prevent your furnace from all day and night by having guests use a door far away from the thermostat (such as the garage door). 

Enjoy your time with family and friends this Christmas. If you're ready to discuss an energy audit after the holidays, give us a call!

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